Dr. Enrique González


Genética molecular del desarrollo floral y frutal, en cuanto al aislamiento y caracterización de genes involucrados en la regulación de ambos procesos. Caracterización de genes durante el desarrollo postfecundación.

PUBLICACIONES (Últimos 5 años)

Gonzalez E, Tapia J , Ruiz S. (2017) Involvement of SchRabGDI1 from Solanum chilense in endocytic trafficking and tolerance to salt stress. Plant Science (263):1-11.

Ruiz S , Gonzalez E. (2016) GC-MS metabolic profiling of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot cultivars during grapevine berry development and network analysis reveals a stage- and cultivar-dependent connectivity of primary metabolites. Metabolomics 12(2):1-17.

Gonzalez E, Moreno Y, Ruiz S. (2016) New member of the R2R3-MYB transcription factors family in grapevine suppresses the anthocyanin accumulation in the flowers of transgenic tobacco.PLANT MOLECULAR BIOLOGY.90(1):63-76.

Vallarino, J.G., Gainza-Cortes, F., Verdugo-Alegria, C., Gonzalez, E. and Moreno, Y.M. (2014) Abiotic stresses differentially affect the expression of 0-methyltransferase genes related to methoxypyrazine biosynthesis in seeded and parthenocarpic fruits of Vitis vinifera (L.). Food Chemistry, 154, 117-126.


Fondecyt Regular N° 1161237 “Reproductive development in grapevine. Regulation of pollen formation and its effect on the production of parthenocarpic fruits”. Investigador Responsable. 2016-2019.

Fondecyt Regular N° 1140636 “Improvement of plant performance under salt stress by a novel strategy of sodium exclusion form leaves”. Co-Investigador. 2015-2017.

Fondecyt Regular N° 1120871 “Modulation of micronutriens transporter activity in grapevine. Effects on fruit development”. Investigador Responsable. 2012-2015